Thanksgiving 1936 – Last night we decided to get married on the 5th.

28 Nov
Thanksgiving 1936  –  Last night we decided to get married on the 5th.

This letter was written a couple of days after Thanksgiving, 1936, which was earlier that year. But because it mentions Thanksgiving and has exciting news, I am taking the liberty of posting it today. Trudel did give her family a few days more warning than it seems.

Devonshire hotel

Devonshire Hotel

11/23/1936 Good news: Last night we decided to get married on Saturday the 5th. No big fuss, just by a judge, a civil wedding. As long as I have no family here I thought it was ridiculous to have a big reception and Leonard agreed with me.

To start I will move into the Devonshire Hotel with Leonard. I will keep my business for the time being.

Four for dinner.

Trudel, Leonard, Henny and her sister.

Thursday we had an excellent Thanksgiving dinner at Weils.

Thanksgiving 1936

Thanksgiving, 1936

The following story appeared in a Chicago paper the next week.

Woos and Wins

Headline News

For the story behind the headline see Trudel’s letter dated August 31, 1935 .


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2 Responses to Thanksgiving 1936 – Last night we decided to get married on the 5th.

  1. Barrie Ward

    November 28, 2013 at 10:58 am

    We assume that they did not have “Turkey” at the post wedding dinner …. The News Headline is quite ‘to the times’ and yet fascinating about the approval from ’70’ … thanks for sharing this Leonard!

    • Leonard Grossman

      November 28, 2013 at 12:35 pm

      Thanks, Barrie.
      You’ll have to wait a week or so to learn about the post wedding events. 😉 But you are right – no turkey. One of Trudel’s most interesting posts is coming up. I think.


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