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November 2, 1934 “Now, for the first time in my life I am all alone by myself.”

November 2, 1934 “Now, for the first time in my life I am all alone by myself.”

Nov. 2, 1934

671 N. Dearborn St.

My dear Goldkind:

Sorry I am writing again in pencil. My fountain pen has outlived its use and I have no ink here right now since I am writing at work, while I have nothing to do.

Thank you Pappa for the nice long letter which I will answer in detail soon since I do not have it here with me now.

As you hopefully saw from my postal card, I did move yesterday. At first we thought to take an unfurnished room but then we decided it was better if she [Aunt Henny] stayed where we were and I take a furnished room on the “near north side.” If we had moved on the 15th we would have had to pay a whole month rent anyhow. That meant that Monday and Tuesday evenings after work I had to look for a place.

Now, for the first time in my life I am all alone by myself.

The first time I did something like that by myself alone and I liked it. I must have gone to about 50 places. This is not exactly what I was looking for but the best I could get for the $3.50 a week I was willing to pay. So that meant Monday and Tuesday looking, Wednesday night into packing and Thursday evening moving.

Now, for the first time in my life I am all alone by myself. Now don’t think that Aunt Henny and I parted unfriendly after exactly 5 months together. In the contrary, we are very good friends.

She sold most of the few pieces of furniture and took an unfurnished room. Now we can both do what we please, when we please. See if you can find my new address on your Chicago map.

It is not the best neighborhood but it is nice and especially clean. Also it is close to work so I can walk it in 25 min. instead of riding the streetcar for 1 1/4 hrs. (I wanted to save the 7¢ car fare each way.)

and then I met HIM

Sunday night I was with Leonard and a friend and his wife in a radio station. Not one of the big broadcasting companies, but very interesting anyhow. This is very different from German radio. It is all privately owned, everything has to be paid by the people who are sending something. Of course there is a lot of advertising.

Trudel in Warm Gray Coat

"I am glad I have my warm gray coat"

On Wednesday was a big holiday called Halloween. It is mostly for children at the time the pumpkins are ripe. And you can see pumpkins carved in all sizes and shapes in stores and windows. People dress up like on Purim or Shrove Tuesday. Children go from door to door, in costumes, asking for candies by saying Tricks or Treats. Some do make very bad tricks like putting soap or wax on car and house windows.

It is pretty cool here now and I am glad I have my nice warm gray coat.

Did you talk to Max? I wonder what he has to say. I did not receive the fashion news Pappa sent.



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November 25, 1935 – A new job, a trip, and more movies.

November 25, 1935  – A new job, a trip, and more movies.

Trudel continues to translate in “diary style.”

Trudel's Workspace at Sully's

Trudel’s Workspace

Hats on Racks at Sully's



I started working for Sophie Sullivan in a little shop in the Seneca Hotel. Part time.

I saw the movie Broadway Melody of 1936 Very nice.



Poster Broadway Melody of 1936

Click for YouTube

Went to a Halloween Party as a witch in a dress made of a potato sack. I Made a big red tam for Leonard and red patches on his white jacket, with a red bandanna as tie and match box as holder.

I Spoke to Alex* on the phone 11/20, Thanks for Jewish paper and marzipan. Since I work on the two jobs I am very tired in the evening.

I saw an excellent move about South Africa Sanders of the River with Paul Robeson.

Robeson in Sanders of the River

Click image to hear Paul Robeson in Sanders of the River

More Robeson from Sanders of the River:
My Little Black Dove
Rallying the Tribes
The Canoe Song
The Complete Film

As you see, Leonard and I are on our way to Wooster Ohio to meet Alex.

Trudel and Alex

Trudel and Alex

Trudel & LJG in Wooster

Visiting in Wooster

*Alex was Trudel’s sister Erna’s fiance’ who was visiting America on business.

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November 7, 1936 – ” I went to a Halloween Party in a sack. . . .”

November 7, 1936 – ” I went to a Halloween Party in a sack. . . .”

Trudel continues to translate only short snippets from her letters. Although she mentions a typewriter, a copy of the typewritten letter she refers to has not survived. My mother was a very practical woman, in her way. When she finished translating the letters that had been written in German, which she had held on to for about 60 years, she threw away the originals. She thought she had translated the most interesting and important parts, and now she was clearing away clutter. There was no one left, she thought, who would be able to or want to read them in German. She never suspected how wonderful it would have been to have them to fill in blanks or to clear-up misunderstandings that may have resulted from her translation.

But as Thanksgiving approaches, I must express my gratitude that in her mid-80s she undertook this project at all, and that we have what we have.


LJG desk

LJG’s Desk

In Leonard’s office, for the first time in several weeks, I discovered a new typewriter and will use it right away to start this letter.

I went to a Halloween party dressed in a sack again as a witch. Saw so many German Jews I know.


Like Trudel’s?

Since, because of the election business was very bad all over, I got myself a job again in a very elegant store on Michigan Ave, as the only milliner.

Michigan avenue

Michigan Avenue Shops

None of the candidates or parties supported by LJG won in 1936. FDR won a second term, Big Bill Thompson lost his last campaign. The “Progressive” wing of the Republican Party began a precipitous decline. The Democrats consolidated their control over the City of Chicago which continues to this day.

When I was growing up I found “No Third Term” buttons in my father’s memorabilia but I have it on good authority that in 1944 he saw the light and voted for Roosevelt. There was no going back.


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