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October 20, 1936 – Soon the election will be over.

October 20, 1936 – Soon  the election will be over.

While Leonard is busy with the election campaigns, Trudel goes to the movies.

Trudel continues to translate her letters diary style.

Movies, Movies!



Poster from Schoenemädel (1933)

Last week saw a German movie, “Schwartzwald Mädel” (Black Forest Girl) pretty nice.

Anthony adverse

Anthony Adverse

Saturday saw “Anthony Adverse.” Very good.

Maybe Leonard will have more time after the election.

Never-ending election.

Never-ending election.

November 3 the election will be over and I am really looking forward to it. Maybe Leonard will have some more time to be with me.

For the past few months Trudel’s fiancé, has been actively involved in election campaigns in addition to his law practice. He ran for judge and lost, he campaigned for Len Small, who lost and then died, and he campaigned for Big Bill Thompson and the Progressive party. We will have to see what happens in that campaign.

In these short posts, we have to read between the lines.

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