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Feb 7, 1937 – Did you ever hear of man-made snow?

Feb 7, 1937 – Did you ever hear of man-made snow?

[This is the second of two letters that I failed to post in sequence. Here is a link to the letter that preceded it, January 23, 1937. LAG]

Feb 7, 1937
I think I need a secretary to help me catch up with my mail.

Ski Jump

Ski Jump at Soldier Field

Did you ever hear of man-made snow? We are having here in Chicago a big ski-jumping show in the stadium. Since it is quite cold now but no snow, they made “artificial” snow. This is all in our big stadium in the middle of town!

Ski Jumper

Ski Jumping over the Skyline.

I would like to go ice-skating some time, but our room is too small to have anything else (no matter how small) to put in. As Leonard says: “We have to step out of the room to change our minds.”

Last week we saw 2 German movies, “Gluckskinder,” with Willy Fritsch and Lillian Harvey, very nice – and “Weiber-Wirtschaft,” playing in the Alps, very funny.

I may go to Sumter S.C. [to see] Leonard’s sister next May. Not definite yet.


Video clip from a hit number from the 1936 German film, Glückskinder


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