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Sept. 22, 1934 “I have to join the union…30 cents a week”

Sept. 22, 1934 “I have to join the union…30 cents a week”


My Dear Goldkind:

First of all I am glad my sisters agreed that they should write a little more.

Please excuse that I am writing with pencil today. Since I am very busy I took this pad to work with me and am starting this letter in my lunchtime.

By the time you receive this I hope you landed safe and sound in your new apt on Beethoven Str. Of course I wish you all the very best for your new home. Only happiness and good health.

Did you all fast well? I did very well.

Of course there was that one short sentence in the prayers where I am sure you thought of me like I thought of you. Right?

I also met some more people from Germany in the Synagogue. From 1-3 was lunchtime on Yom Kippur and I went home with one of them, but ate no lunch. For “umbeisen” [breaking the fast] I was at Lindheimer’s. Some of the richest families here are their relatives.

Last night I was with Tante and Opa at a big money raiser for the Democratic party. Mr. Lindheimer’s cousin is on the top of the ballot. The entree was free but you were urged to spend money on lottery tickets, games etc. I never saw so many people so much in a hurry to get rid of their money.

On Saturday we bought a new radio since Mr. Seckbach had taken ours with him. In the evening we went to the new movie “Now and Forever” with the darling Shirley Temple. Afterwards we stopped for a drink. Sunday afternoon we went to the Fair for a change. There is not much going on anymore. Aunt Henny is not working since one week.Shirley Temple

Of course I am happy that I do not have to spend my evenings alone, eating in restaurants, anymore. You would be very much surprised to see how wonderful a cook Aunt Henny is. And she likes it too.

What did you do with the small easy chair from the salon? Here you could get big money for it. I like to remind you that Hedwig has a birthday on Nov 9 and we wanted to give her a nutcracker.

Affairs_of_CelliniLast night I had again a date with a new guy. A cousin of Hans Roos, Alex Heyman who lives in Cleveland. Hans wrote both of us about the other and we got together via telephone. First we went to a movie “Affairs of Cellini.” Very good. Then we went for a soda. I had to speak English all evening and he is one of the few people who correct me which I like very much.

I have to join the Union now. It costs initially $5 and then 30¢ a week.

Bruno Hauptman

Lindbergh Killer Arrested

This afternoon I have a date with Alice Weil. We are first going to an art exhibit and then I will go home with her. You probably heard that they found the killer of the Lindbergh child.

By the way I heard that Hans Werthahn comes here. He is the nice young man with black hair who used to live in Leerbach Str.

Please send me the recipe of that delicious chocolate cake. You know what I mean, Doddo. Please excuse my handwriting and probably my spelling errors. I am very much in a hurry right now to meet Alice in time.

Regards to and from all,


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