May 20, 1937 – Just a quicky today. Back from Sumter. Very busy.

20 May
May 20, 1937 – Just a quicky today.   Back from Sumter. Very busy.

May 20, 1937

Just a quicky today. I have been very busy since I got back from Sumter.


Hindenburg Zeppelin

Too bad about the Zeppelin. Of course I did not receive the mail sent with it.

Trudel and Madge

Trudel and Madge

Leonard’s grandfather on his mother’s side, Maier Hochster, came from Alsfeld, Germany about 100 years ago. Aunt Flora’s inlaws came from Essingen and Germersheim. The Grossmans from Dusseldorf. Just found this all out lately.

Do you want me to send you a box of men’s clothes etc? What you can’t use you could give to a poor house.

Enclosed are a few photos from Sumter.


 Love Trudelchen

Scenes from Sumter in the 1930s


 Sumterold pres 02 Sumter=old pres ruins sumter-melton field gates sumterstewards hall no3 Sumter=wade hampton original sumter=flinn hall 1920s sumter libraryscl 1940s

Note: The information Trudel reports about my father’s ancestry differs to some extent from details I have learned recently on Linda Scheffler’s HOECHSTER-HOCHSTER-HEXTER Family from Storndorf, Germany site on I must express my gratitude to Linda for the help she has given me with this site and her enthusiasm for family geneology.

It seems Trudel sent most of her photos from the Sumter trip to Germany with her letter and didn’t save many. So I have inserted some photos I found online. See a few photos of the people and places from that trip in Trudel’s previous post.


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