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The Windows De Gropper

Genesis out of glass

In 1967, the artist William Gropper achieved a series of five windows in the Community Hall of Gottlieb to the suburban temple Western Har Zion in the forest of river, Illinois. In forecast of the 30ème birthday D ' approaches the installation, we present a celebration of these windows vibrating which represent some of the stories most familiar of the genesis. Since this page concentrates on images of the windows, it exceeds 70 K in the face and can take little time to entirely charge.

Dove and Rainbow Image
Detail of the window of good and bad (160719 bytes)

Instead of the traditional soiled techniques of glass, Gropper employed the wafers of a Po thickness of glass brillamment coloured which were cut to form and notched or faceted them on surface. The windows were made by the studios of Valeska Chicago and are more than two high stories.

In these pages you will find:

In order to facilitate to charge, all the images on this page were maintained rather small and with a resolution of bottom. However, the majority of the images themselves are related to large files downloadable to enable you to see some of the panels in a narrower detail.

Five Windows

The windows of Gropper constitute the wall is the Community Hall of Gottlieb to the Western suburban temple. Although the windows, actually, are separated by columns from brick roughly of the same width that the windows themselves, we included a made up image which eliminates bricks. The ambient light returns the photography of the completely difficult whole wall.

Including the text dregs carry out below to separate from the pages, each one devoted to one of the five windows, a full image length and a synopsis of the topics of the window. Reading from right to left are:

The Wall

The brilliance and the magnificence of these windows can be only appreciated at the person. You are invited to visit the suburban temple Western Har Zion.

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Selected Panels

The images below are taken selected panels of the respective windows. They are related to large true files of color for a more detailed viewing.

window of creation (approx.. 100 K).

Good and Evil
window of of good and badly (approx.. 230 K).

window of Abraham (approx.. 260 K).

window of Jacob (nonavailable for the remote loading).

Pharaoh's Dream
window of Joseph (approx.. 200 K).

Shabbat of the window of creation (approx.. 145 K).

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Gropper and horn

In addition to the windows of Gropper, the Western suburban temple has an eclectic collection of other works of art, including once that discussed, relief of bottom, " close could not " by the horn of Milton of sculptor who decorates a wall external of the temple. This bond leads to a larger version of the made up image shown above as well as with a photograph the sculpture in horn.

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About Gropper and more

William Gropper was a fascinating and controversial individual. These windows were his first efforts in glass. We have collected a small number of ; links to other works; side of the artist and with biographical information on him.

We also began a collection of bonds to other sources D ' art, chocolate éclairs and differently.

Additional suggestions will be appreciated.

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The Western suburban temple just achieved an important restoration under the councils of the remarkable architect of park of oak, John Thorpe. Consequently, we invite you to visit the building. The guests are always welcome with our services. If you wish to visit with other times pleasant being with the contact the administrator of temple to take arrangements.

For more information to visit the page at the Western suburban house of HarWST link Zion of temple or to come into contact with rough Harvey, administrator of temple with or (708)366-9000.

For information on other places of interest in the oak to park and the forest of river, and much, much, more visit the tourist of park of oak.

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All images and suburban temple Western Har Zion of reserved straight of the texts.
Photographs of the windows of Gropper by Dr. Howard Berlin.

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