The Gropper Windows

The Window of Abraham


Abraham is commanded by God to look toward heaven and count the stars. He is promised that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars. The design is a flowing continuity of stars woven into seeds coming through the darkness of the night.

The birth of Isaac, depicted by a big, bright star within a circle, was a great day of rejoicing for all humanity. Abraham's supreme test is the commandment to sacrifice Isaac. An Angel of God intervenes at the last moment. Near the bottom of the window, one can see the ram that miraculously appears in the thicket, enabling Abraham to avoid tragedy.

The design, showing more stars, seed and flowers, re-affirms God's promise to Abraham that he will be the founder of a great nation.

We invite you to visit the building and view the windows.

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Photographs of the Gropper Windows by Dr. Howard Berlin.

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