The Gropper Windows

The East Wall

The exterior of the east wall of Temple Har Zion, not only features the reverse of the Gropper Windows but is also the home of a massive sculpture by Milton Horn

The image below is a composite interior view of the five windows, which in reality, are separated by brick columns, each a little wider than the windows themselves.

The Gropper Wall
The Gropper Windows (composite) (approx. 150 k).

The brilliance and magnificance of these windows can only be appreciated in person.

Milton Horn Sculpture

"Not by might . . ."

In addition to the Gropper Windows, West Suburban Temple Har Zion is the home of the massive Milton Horn Sculpture, "Not by Might . . .," At the time of it's completion (between 1950 and 1952) the use of such representational imagry on a Conservative Syanagogue was quite controversial. Since that time historians have placed the use of images in Jewish art in greater perspective (but the older attitude also explains why there are no details in the face of Noah in the Gropper Windows).

An additional Horn sculpture depicting Elijah being lifted to heaven by angels is in the Goldstine Sanctuary.

The synagogue has just completed an exciting renovation under the guidance of renowned Oak Park architect, John Thorpe. The magnificent building was originally constructed in two stages between 1950 and 1953. The recent project was designed to meet the needs of a growing and vibrant congregation well into the 21st Century. Office, library and classroom spaces have been relocated and expanded. Infrastructure, systems and furnishings have been replaced and brought up to the state of the art. The building is now ADA compliant to enable all of our members and guests to participate fully in our activities.

You are invited to visit West Suburban Temple Har Zion.

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