Every morning we took a hike in the chilly dawn air, led by our guide, Salvador. By the time we returned the sun had come up and the day was warming. Each day we began along the steaming Rio Caliente river, which comes out of the ground at about 160 degrees. Once, my right foot slipped off of a rock crossing the river but this was downstream from the springs. The first day we hiked into a forest to a spot from which we could see the extinct volcano, Tequilla, in the distance. The second day we hiked to the second source of the river (the first source is behind the spa and provides the hot water and drinking water for the spa). The third day we hiked up in the mountains to a spot from which we could see the ridges of this mountainous area spread out below us. Finally the fourth morning, we climbed to the dramatic, third source of the river. Each day, Salvador helped us step from stone to stone as we crossed the river to reach our destination.
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