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West_Suburban Temple Har Zion
The Address for Conservative Judaism in Chicago's Western Suburbs.

Mission Statement

West Suburban Temple Har Zion is a Conservative congregation which balances a principled receptivity to modernity with a deep reverence for Jewish tradition in serving the spiritual, religious, educational, charitable, social and cultural needs of our congregants, K'lal Yisrael, and the wider community. We welcome all individuals and families who seek a warm, caring, and vital place to nourish their Jewish lives.
We are committed to educating our children and our adults of all ages with comprehensive Hebrew language and Jewish educational programs. Through the variety and excellence of our programs, we encourage each of our members to become a learned and learning Jew, constantly growing in Jewish knowledge and Torah study -- the highest form of worship.
In reaching out to God and in worship, we embrace the progressive practices of egalitarianism and full congregational participation. We respect the individuality and diversity of our members in their efforts to concretize ethics and theology into daily practice, while reaffirming the positive role of Halakhah in each Jewish life.
We advocate strong bonds with the state of Israel, the land, its citizens, and its culture. These links are reflected in our diverse religious, educational, social, and charitable endeavors.
We believe that the moral imperatives of our tradition compel us to seek social justice both within the larger Jewish community and without -- and that our involvement in the world community should reflect values and observances of our faith. By our commitment to these values, we create an atmosphere of respect, openness, diversity and trust which helps us to become willing, learning, and striving Jews.

- Adopted by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors on February 14, 2001

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