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Updated January, 2002

For the last several years I have been writing occasional essays, most of which are related to the online world or computing. Some are just about life. Many of these have appeared in slightly different form in WindoWatch Magazine.

Catching Up

After a two year hiatus the Modemjunkie returns. Playing catch up, he discusses a number of things that happened in the interim, with special attention to:

The Archive:

Earlier essays are collected here in reverse chronological order. (The newest is on top.) Check back each month for the latest edition. At the bottom of the page are some additional musings on various subjects.


From time to time I have written pieces which don't quite fit into the format of my regular commentaries but which I wish to share:

For more about the ModemJunkie see the third article in James Coates' Tribune series "Orbiting On Line," "Finding Poetry in the Net". The whole series is an excellent introduction to the internet.

Webloggers feverishly accomplish every day what I try to do in a more leisurely way every month or two.

On November 21, 1999, In a Weblog entirely misnamed, Apathy Dan Fitch enthusiastically wrote, about the ModemJunkie:

While ostensibly not a weblog, he has an excellent linked article style that I find myself wishing I could do on cohesive updates for a particular topic.

Dan has an excellent writng style, and he has time to develop. His ecclectic site has led me to listen to music I skipped the first time around in this life.

In the November 25, 1999 edition of the excellent Camworld, Cameron Barrett writes:

Reflections of a ModemJunkie is one of the oldest tech-oriented personal web sites on the web. Lots of great stuff to read here.

Camworld needs no introduction to those who follow the Weblog scene. Constantly rated one of the top two or three Weblogs, the comment is greatly appreciated. [And the result is reflected in my referrer logs.]

A few days before my 65th birthday in November, 2008, my wife Cindy surprised me with a large dinner party at the Parthenon Restaurant in Chicago's Greek Town. The biggest surprise of the evening was a leather-bound volume containing many of the sermons, essays and other non-legal writings I have written over the years. Many of them she captured from my ModemJunkie articles and elesewhere on this website. But she also included well over a dozen other essays and "d'vrei Torah" (mini-sermons on biblical themes) and some other materials. I am working on converting some of the divrei into html. But in the meantime, the entire book is online under the name she gave it, Extraordinary Words.

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