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Sunrise at Rio Caliente

Welcome to Len's Albums. Here you will find a collection of photo albums I have created over the years, mostly of my own photos. In recent years I have used the wonderful freeware application JAlbum to create my albums.

In addition here is a link to some sound files that contain fragments of memory, slices out of my life: Voices from the Past. It includes sounds taken from taken from tapes of my father, mother and myself that were made in 1954 and 1956.

Cindy Barnard and I became husband and wife on January 6, 2008. Life is very good so I am highlighting links to pages related to our wonderful wedding.

Wedding Program
Ketubah icon Our Own Ketubah Cindy and Len's Wedding
Wedding Album

Click on the thumbnails or text links to see each complete album. Enjoy.
Len Grossman

Leonard Grossman and Cindy Barnard were married on January 6, 2008

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A few days before my 65th birthday in November, 2008, Cindy surprised me with a large dinner party at the Parthenon Restaurant in Chicago's Greek Town. The biggest surprise of the evening was a leather-bound volume containing many of the essays and other non-legal writings I have written over the years. Many of them she captured from my ModemJunkie articles and elesewhere on this website. But she also included well over a dozen other essays and "d'vrei Torah" (mini-sermons on biblical themes) and some other materials. I am working on converting some of the divrei into html. The entire book is online under the name she gave it Extraordinary Words.

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