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Leonard Grossman and Cindy Barnard were married on January 6, 2008

Wedding Program
Ketubah icon Our Own Ketubah Cindy and Len's Wedding
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A Lengthy List of Jewish Links
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Presented by West Suburban Temple Har Zion


Len's Lengthy List of Jewish Links

Welcome to the updated Lengthy List of Links. Because of the plethora of search engines and the explosion of Jewish sites we are no longer routinely accepting links for this page. Further, because of massive spamming the automated service for adding related links has been taken off line.

A few days before my 65th birthday in November, Cindy surprised me with a large dinner party at the Parthenon Restaurant in Chicago's Greek Town. The biggest surprise of the evening was a leather-bound volume containing many of the essays and other non-legal writings I have written over the years. Many of them she captured from my ModemJunkie articles and elsewhere on this website. But she also included well over a dozen other essays and some other materials.The entire book is online under the name she gave it Extraordinary Words.

Festival Candle Sticks The Seder Plate with symbolic foods. Elijah's Cup from 19th Century Germany.
In April 2007, Cindy Barnard and Len Grossman combined millennia of Jewish tradition with decades of their own family traditions in a joyous Passover Seder which brought together old and new friends and relatives from both of their families for an evening of study, song, laughter, learning and wonderful food.


Note: The sections below are not in the same sequence as the index but you can return to the top easily. The distribution of links into various categories is somewhat arbitrary. If you can't find what you are looking for where you expect it, please look around. (For example, where would you look for the "Latke - Hamentash Debate?") Also, please let me know what you think of this new color scheme.

Israel Sites

Israelli Flag Return to index

United Synagogue and JTS Sites

Jewish Theological Seminary Sites

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Holiday Related Sites

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Jewish Publications

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Holocaust Studies

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Directories, Museums and Resources

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And what Jewish web page would be complete without food listings?

Jewish Recipes

And of course there is food for the soul:

There is a listserver that sends out a weekly email with a discussion of the portion of the week. No fee.
To subscribe, send an email to:listproc@shamash.org The message should be: sub shabbatshalom Lenny Soffer (or whatever your name is).

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New humor sites will be added in this location. In the meantime scour the other sections of these pages for many gems already here. Over the coming months I will try to move them to this section.

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Art and Gifts

Gropper The Gropper Windows: Genesis in Glass. A beautiful display and explanation of the magnificent stained glass windows at West Suburban Temple.

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Literature and Philosophy

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Synagogues and Temples

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Judaism in its Variety

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Miscellaneous sites

(O.K. Under which heading would you place these pages?)

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Broken Links

From time to time I will try to weed broken links from other sections of these pages. I am collecting these links on a special page of Broken Links. If you have information on where these sites have moved or if they are gone forever let me know.

If you find any I have missed please send me a note. I'll try to catch up.

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Reciprocal Links

A number of sites have agreed to provide reciprocal links to our pages. We express our thanks to the sponsors of these sites for their cooperation. If we have inadvertantly missed your page or you know of additional sites that have such links, please let us know.

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Members' Pages

Pages by and about Temple members or their work. We invite Temple members to submit their URLS for inclusion here. Return to index

For information about places of interest in Oak Park and River Forest, and much, much, more visit:
 * The Oak Park Tourist.

 * The Gropper Windows:Genesis in Glass. This set of pages celebrates a magnificent series of stained glass windows by controversial artist William Gropper at West Suburban Temple.

 * West Suburban Temple Har Zion.

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I regret that I can no longer accept requests for additional links for this page. Further, the automated service for adding related links has been taken off line because of excessive spamming.

Comments or corrections can be sent to Leonard Grossman LG at Lgrossman.com who has his own wholly unrelated pages: Reflections of a ModemJunkie.

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Dr. Victor A. Mirelman, Rabbi; Stewart Figa, Cantor; Carol Serber, Administrator; Alicia M. Gejman, Principal.

West Suburban Temple Har Zion, 1040 N. Harlem, River Forest IL 60305 Voice:(708)366-9000 Fax: (708)366-9006, E-mail: wsthz@msn.com

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