Cindy and Len's Wedding

The Invitation and Program

In the months leading up to our wedding, Cindy devoted countless hours designing the beautiful invitation we sent to our guests, working patiently with an online service to customize their standard project. Cindy spent even more time designing a beautiful, meaningful program to hand out. The program explained each element of the service and paid tribute to our families and those we remember. Through all of this, Cindy kept me involved in the collaborative way which is the hallmark of our relationship but the credit goes to her.

Please scroll down past the middle of the page and click on the thumbnails to see close ups of the pages. If it is difficult to read the text, click on the close up for a very large image. Enjoy. --Len


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Cindy and Len
The Wedding Photos

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  Program Cover  
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  Welcome and Wedding Party  
  Order of the Service  
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  Sheva Brochot  
  In Memoriam  
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