Cindy and Len's Wedding

Cindy Barnard and I were married on January 6, 2008, at West Suburban Temple Har Zion, in River Forest, Illinois. While it was a joyous and wonderful community event, it was also personal and intimate. Photographs can't capture the sense of privacy we had on the bima (pulpit) surrounded by our family and close friends under the chuppa (Wedding canopy). We were aware of nothing but each other and Rabbi Victor Mirelman, whose remarks were wonderful, and the sound of the chamber orchestra playing music we had requested. We invite you enjoy these photographs of the day by scrolling down below the middle of this page and clicking on the thumbnails there and on the following pages.

Cindy and Len

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Yichud, Welcome, Celebrate, Gottlieb Hall, Buffet, Guests
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Also, please enjoy the following special
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Wedding Program
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Our Ketubah

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Gottlieb Hall
Cindy and Len
The Celebration
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