On December 30, 2006, I once again flew to Mexico for a restful week of hiking, yoga, good food and wonderful conversation at the Rio Caliente Spa in the mountains above Guadalajara. This year my visit spanned New Years Eve, which included incredibly rich hot chocolate, chicken and pineapple tamales,entertainment by an indigenous Huichole band of singers and musicians, and dancing (and tequila too). These are rare treats at Rio Caliente, which ordinarily serves wonderful vegetarian fare, and liquor, if present is ordinarily discretely hidden in the suitcases of the guests.

Evening programs inlcuded lectures on holistic health, dream workshops and a fascinating series of lectures and films about the Hollywood Blacklist in the 1940's given by Sheila Schwartz.

Additional photos taken in January, 2006, can be found in last year's album.

The steaming Rio Caliente

Rio Caliente- New Years 2006/2007

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Information about Rio Caliente can be found at Riocaliente.com.

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