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Psychologist Kay Vogt held a workshop in her beautiful home and retreat center in Sedona, Arizona, In August, 2006. A group of about ten people worked and processed together from noon Saturday until noon on Monday, with time out for dawn hikes in the glorious red rocks and good food. With Kay's intuitive and insightful leadership the weekend was a wonderful experience for all of the participants. But best of all, I got to finally come to that mystical, magical place, Sedona, which I have only imagined for so many years. Making the experience even more enjoyable was the invitation of my friends Sybil and Henry Melody to come down a day early and spend a day with them exploring heir charming home and the hills of Jerome, across the Verde Valley from Sedona. Their all inclusive driving tour the gave me a sense of Jerome and Sedona, I would not have otherwise had.

Arizona Weekend- August, 2006

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