See No Evil -- Another article in the Ordinary Potato series

Oh Johhny, We Hardly Know You.

with apologies to P.S. Gilmore
Copyright 2004 by Leonard Grossman

When Johnny came marching home back then, huroo, huroo,
His words were not always welcome then, huroo, huroo,
He told the truth, he let it out,
The warmongers tried to drown him out,
But he told the truth, he did, when Johnny came marching home.

And now another war has come, huroo, hurroo,
What happened to our darling boy, huroo, huroo?
We hoped that we would hear him tell,
The message that he knew so well.
"This war is wrong, and war is hell," huroo, huroo.
But our old hero, this time round, huroo, huroo
Wants presidential power now,
To place upon his furrowed brow.
Oh, Johnny we hardly know you.

If Johnny comes marching home again, hurrah, hurrah,
We'll give him a hearty welcome then, hurrah, hurrah,
The men will cheer, the women will shout,
If Johnnie lets the truth hang out.
We'd have our say if Johnny came marching home.

The pundits will all shout in alarm, hurroo huroo,
When Johnnie cries the truth again, hurrah hurrah.
The commentators all will say,
Johnnie cannot win that way.
But Johnny there is no other way
for you to come marching home.
Get ready for the bruising fight, huroo, huroo.
There's risk in truth, in honesty, huroo, huroo.
But there is no honor, when you disavow.
The strength you had then you need right now.
We'd have our say if Johnnie came marching home.

When you complain and whine, boo hoo, boo hoo,
Those bad boys won't follow rules, boo hoo, boo hoo.
The bullies jeer, the louts will shout,
But that's not what this is all about.
We'd feel so gay, if Johnny came marching home.
It's not undecided voters that you need, hurroo, hurroo.
It's committed voters trusting you, hurrah, hurrah.
The pundits so few votes can sway,
They will triangulate you far away,
We'd feel so gay, If Johnny came marching home.

Get ready for election day, hurrah, hurrah.
We'll give you strength and volunteers, hurrah, hurrah.
When you wear the mantle of the truth,
We'll be there in the voting booth,
And we'll all feel gay, when Johnny comes marching home.

This article first appeared in WindoWatch Magazine
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