The Northern Illinois Computer Owners League

Next Meeting September 4 at 7:30 PM

We Start Another Year. Join us.


The President's Message

Welcome Back

Minutes of the May Meeting

At the May meeting the entire slate of officers was reelected due to popular demand. We look forward to an exciting year.

Bring in Your Toys

Have you found a new application, a new peripheral. Something portable you can bring to the meeting. We invite each member to bring in a hardare or software product to demonstrate a couple of times a year. NICOL will provide a reasonably powerful machine which will dual boot to Windows 98 and Windows 3.11. Maybe your favorite discovery will be just what another member needs.

If you have any suggestions for programs for the coming year, please let us know.


President - Clyde Forrester
Vice President - Richard Buckley
Treasurer - Dean Nolan
Secretary - Richard Cox
Newsletter Editor - Dean Nolan

Newbies, old hackers, students - - Guests are welcome. Come and bring a friend.

The president of NICOL is Clyde Forrester who can be reached at Please contact him if you have a computer related product or other computer related information you would like to present at our meetings or if you have any other questions.

Send articles for the newsletter to

River Forest is really in the center of the Chicago Metropolitan Area. I have created a link to directions and maps to help you find your way.

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