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Minutes of General Meeting at First United Methodist Church, May 17, 2001


President Len Grossman welcomed everyone and thanked Lowell Eckberg for presenting the “Sacred Space” portion of tonight’s meeting. 


Item 1:            He then welcomed Catherine McNamara of the Oak Park Health Department.  She described two government-funded medical coverage programs:  KIDCARE, for uninsured or low-income families with children and ACCESS To CARE, medical insurance for residents of Suburban Cook County.  These programs cover doctor visits, prescription medications, lab work with a low co-pay.  Catherine informed us of the programs and stated her availability to speak at any congregation.  Lisa Pearce, also of the Oak Park Health Department, spoke of the services provided on Women’s Issues: particularly cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer.  These programs, speakers, classes are available to the community.


Item 2:            Len updated COC on Student Religious and Exchange Program.  They are still in the planning stage; there has been a lot of interest shown. 


Item 3:            Update on ASSIST:  At our last General Meeting, it was agreed to let ASSIST be suspended.  There have only been 3 calls to Assist in the last 6 weeks.  It was felt that we terminate telephone line and ASSIST funds to be kept in a temporarily restricted fund in COC general fund until further decision is made. 


Len also discussed a possible program in September on Volunteerism.  It was suggested that the Volunteer Center might provide a history of Volunteering in the OPRF area and how it has changed over the years.  This information might prove helpful to understand if need for ASSIST is being in other ways.  Documents from ASSIST, now in Irene Hanson’s possession, should be available to OPRF Historical Society.  A hearty thank you was expressed to Irene from the entire group.


Item 4:            Calendar Items

April  2002 Faith Walk.  To help celebrate the centennial year of Oak Park, each congregation will be asked to participate.  Executive Committee to work out advertising and planning.

October 6, 2001 Reunion Homecoming All congregations were encouraged to march in Homecoming Parade.  Events will going all day, starting with a Pancake Breakfast at the High School, Parade, Football Game, All Village Open House at the High School, which COC will participate in.

July 4, 2001 Independence Day Parade  All congregations were encouraged to march in Parade.


Item 5:  Abolition of Death Penalty in Illinois Forum was reported by Charlene McAnany.  There will be a meeting at St. Luke’s on June 2nd.   Literature was available and petitions to take to congregations for signatures.


Item 6:  Food and Gift Basket Program..  We are going to get grant to run the Program from Oak Park Township.  Veronica Krawczyk, River Forest Township Supervisor, has agreed to provide space to store gifts.  Food distribution will be from United Lutheran.  Food drives at local congregations were suggested during the summer to supplement Food Pantry shelves..  It will take $30,000 to provide funds for food certificates for Holiday Baskets.  Please encourage giving at all congregations.



Program Unity program, “Connections” May 20th

Bulk Mail – change in site for drop off, call to register opinion, Lou Reese 630-260-5573

Material available “Cooking for Groups”

Day in the Village 6/3/01

Annual Gala OPGALA June 15

First United Methodist is looking for other churches interested in sponsoring a Sing-A-Long Messiah in December.  Chicago Symphony Orchestra is available.  Call the church, 383-4983, or M. Shawgo, Music Director.


Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Dorothy Patinka, Secretary