I've been busy this afternoon writing HTML,
	so don't bug me about nuttin' else.  
	Forgive my typing, but my handwriting's pretty
	bad.  I thought you might like to take a look at
	a couple of these and see what I've been doing
	while you was blowin' smoke.

	Then you could take a look  at 
	Chris Mitchell's 10 K Web Page Contest 
	 and see if you still think I'm  wasting my time.
	Notes from a ModemJunkie 
	was my first try. It just keeps growing. 
	Sheesh, this page has ways to get almost anything.
	A great place to start.
	 Even a collection of my essays.  

  	And then there are my  stained glass 
	 pages.  They are truly a work of art.

	And I've done some good works, too. 
	 Take a look at the  Har Zion
	 pages.  There are a whole set of them. 
	Proves I got religion.
	And  I am helping my community, too. You ought to
 	see the  Community of
	 Congregations 	page. 
	 See, this isn't all just ego gratification.  

	And since you are getting older, take a look at
	my stuff on aging . 
	I won't need it for a while.

	This web surfing keeps me young.